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Mbira via
Mbira via

Sympathetic Resonances is a free online platform for documenting, learning, and exploring mbira music. It includes interactive transcriptions making it possible to edit, play back, and watch mbira scores in your web browser. Over 60 tunings of 6 types of mbira are available. 

A project with the International Library of African Music (ILAM) will make the great variety of mbiras and tunings in the Tracey Instrument Collection, as well as Andrew Tracey's extensive personal archive of transcriptions audible and accessible to the world. 

The Sympathetic Resonances project aims to contribute to the preservation (and expansion) of diversity of mbira music, with a special focus on marginalized traditional instrument types.

You might also wish to financially support the Chivanhu Project by the internationally acclaimed mbira player Stella Chiweshe who is working to establish a place of learning and cultural exchange dedicated to mbira music.

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